Jimmy D - Kaboom Morbide Makeup Cultus


A classic super sized unisex tee. The perfectly oversized proportion of this tee is great layered with something fitted underneath or simply worn as is. This unisex, one size tee is the perfect canvas for this seasons prints:

This version features this seasons "MORBIDE MAKEUP CULTUS" a faux newspaper article about a beauty cult sweeping the world encouraging people to be fearless make-up wearers inspired by Jimmy D designer James Dobsons beauty project "Beauty Benders".

The article is in Dutch and translates to:

"News of a cult obsessed with extreme beauty looks has emerged from New Zealand. 
Leader of this beauty cult is notorious designer Jimmy D who glues in whispy thin lengths of hair, draws on huge red lips, heavy smoky eyes and attaches piercings for a morbid yet highly sexualized look.
Jimmy D is recruiting new members to his cult through a social media channel entitled “Beauty Benders” where he shares his own unusual looks alongside other de-gendered make-up looks. At time of printing the account has almost 10,000 followers.
His rising popularity means members of this terrifying cult may be coming to a town near you very soon."

One Size only

100% organic cotton

Made in New Zealand


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