The Many Moods of Misty - 'Monday'

By Andrea Mahon.

Monday morning. Misty didn't like Mondays' much. 

Monday signified two things for Misty, it was two days until payday and five days after the last one which mean't she was skint. 

She wouldn't be having a cheese scone from next door for morning tea. 

She fumbled around for her key and opened the shop. Music! That's what she needed, loud music. 

Misty searched Itunes for something to match her mood. "Monday morning" by Fleetwood Mac, nah, far too cheerful. " I don't like Mondays" Boomtown Rats, an oldie but a goodie, perfect! She hit play and pumped up the volume, she had a whole half an hour before the shop was open to customers and the mannequins' needed to be changed. 

As Misty roamed the racks like a hunter it didn't escape her that too many m's seemed to be bothering her today, moody, Misty, money ( or lack of) and Monday of course.

She needed the mannequin to take her somewhere else today. She stripped the front window mannequin, arms off, twist at the waist and the top half was off. God the poor mannequin, it looked dismembered, only the legs left standing. 

She wanted to be a modern warrior girl today, sort of Joan of Arc meets Katniss Everden from the Hunger Games, yes a modern day warrior girl. Misty headed to the Zambesi rack and pulled out the new season Flared Skirt, then she saw the Stud Collar, wicked! Misty exclaimed to nobody but herself. 

Next she grabbed the Breeze Top in acid yellow from the Stolen Girlfriends Club rack, the slight sparkle in the top worked, and to take it up another notch and finish it off she did the Standard Belt in reflective from Zambesi around the waist.  

Misty stood back and smiled, yes she liked it! A modern day warrior girl, subtle but with an edge. 

She looked up, the courier van had arrived with more stock, god there was boss! She hit end on Boomtown Rats "I don't like Mondays" boss would think it too macabe! She hit "It's a beautiful day" by U2 and hit open on the door. 

Morning Boss! Misty's mood began to lift.

.....The Many Moods of Misty will continue next week.
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