Robert Piguet & Costume National


47Lounge is excited to announce the introduction of a range of fragrances from Robert Piguet, now available in store. 


Best known for his phenomenal accomplishment of classic scent Fracas in 1947, created by highly celebrated nose Germaine Cellier, Robert Piguet achieved international cult status since, known for his ability to create the most elegant of fragrances with the most legendary perfumers of his generation.

One of the iconic figures of haute couture, renowned for his fashion genius, Robert Piguet was the visionary who shared his skill with designers who would become some of the most esteemed of all time including Hubert de Givenchy, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain and Marc Bohan. Dior personally credits Piguet for teaching him the “virtues of simplicity through which true elegance must come.”

Piguet opened his fashion house in the Rue de Cirque in 1933, having completed his training at two of the most important fashion houses of the Twentieth century. There he became know for the delicacy and reserve of his morning and afternoon dresses, a certain flamboyance of colour in clothes for evening and for the perfect cut of his thin grey flannel suits, every collection a reflection of his infallible eye, refined simplicity and the quality that most defined Piguet; elegance. In style. In character. In inspiration.

Known for their particular feel and characteristic of his trademarks, Robert Piguet fragrances adhere to his philosophy of good taste, true luxury, a horror of commonplace and an innate sense of seduction – They are true classics of timeless beauty and value that endure far beyond season and trend.

In addition to the 5 fragrances from Robert Piguet, we have chosen two scents from Costume National for the man in your life.

Founded by Ennio Capasa with his brother Carlo in 1986, CoSTUME NATIONAL is internationally renowned for its fashion-forward rock star style and enticing fragrances and so was a natural choice for the men of 47Frocks! 

The success of CoSTUME NATIONAL is based on an avant-garde design and style identity, which has earned the recognition of the international press and top customers. The style of CoSTUME NATIONAL is marked by an unmistakably edgy chic, minimal and very iconic, slim and sensual silhouette. The essence of the label is a continuous research to find a balance between craftsmanship and technology, tradition and innovation, past and future.

CoSTUME NATIONAL scents represent a natural progression for the label. Structured and sensual, each scent is representative of the label’s distinctive aesthetic; each a unique and timeless creation with a refined and distinct character. 

Come in store to experience these incredible scents for yourself.

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