iD Dunedin Fashion Week 2014

Wow. What a weekend! I’ve just about recovered from all the excitement of iD and with my suitably stilettoed feet firmly back on Wanaka ground, I’m ready to give you a run down of the show and of course the fabulous 47Frocks after party! 


As with previous years, Saturday nights runway show, is the final event of iD Dunedin Fashion Week and marks the end of months of hard work and preparation for all involved. To my mind this makes the vibe of the evening that much more special, you can almost see the relief on their faces, everyone is ready to party! The 47frocks convoy arrived in town mid afternoon and as we primped and preened ourselves in our hotel, the streets below us came to life much as they do on any other Saturday evening. Except this particular night, scattered among the usual Dunedin crowd of students and academics out for early evening drinks, there could be seen a totally different creature all together. Looking down on George Street, I watched as they strutted in silks & furs, in challengingly high heels and bold pops of colour (from clothing and hair…). They were beautifully finished, carefully accessorised and flashing enough leg to make your grandma blush. All of these gorgeous creatures where heading in the same direction and soon we would be joining them on the steps of the Dunedin Railway Station about to enter the 15th iD Dunedin Fashion Week Show.    


On arrival at the Station, the crowds outside were just as entertaining as the show we were about to see. So interesting to see what everyone is wearing about how they had put their looks together. We posed for our obligatory pre-show photo and it was wonderful to note that us Frockers all have very different, yet totally cohesive styles. We looked amazing, even if I do say so myself. We grabbed our free drink, got snapped by the paps and headed straight in. 

As we made our way to our seats, it was hard not to be in awe of the incredible 110m runway, taking up the length of the platform it really is very impressive. Its amazing that there was only one shoe related mishap, just the few metres we walked down to our seats made me a little dizzy! 


Once in our seats, the lights dimmed and the show began. And though I could have done without quite so many “date night” jokes from Mike McRoberts & the Mrs, the show itself was a delight! The incomparable NOM*D & Company of Strangers showed us just how to style those favourite pieces from the winter collections. (Ooh THAT boot!!) The emerging designers were inspirational. Mook Attakanwong’s Libertine collection in particular was a lot of fun! Vaibhav Singh’s Ornaments of a Warrior and Alanna Barca’s Ornamental Forms collection were both stand outs for me. The guest selections from Martin Grant & World, were beautiful and of course Tamsin Cooper treating us all to the boys from the Royal New Zealand Ballet.. (yum) That along with local favourites Storm, DADA Vintage, Carlson & Charmaine Reveley rounded put the show nicely. The selection was well balanced and catered for most tastes, showing just what diverse and talented designers we have here. All in all a great event and a definite highlight in the NZ fashion calendar. 

After the show was over (and the bottles were empty), we headed to Pequeno and our very own 47Frocks iD After Party! The cocktails flowed, the fabulous people arrived and a who's who of the NZ fashion scene kicked back and breathed a well earned sign of relief that their efforts had been such a beautiful success. Models, designers and Frockers alike, sipped on Broken Shed Cosmos into the wee small hours and dammed if we didn't look good doing it! (bathroom selfies were taken.. I regret nothing). 


What a great show, what a great party, what a great weekend. Lets do it all again next year!

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