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47 is split into two completely different shops; here's a wee peek at what 47 lounge has to offer
clothes // lounge garments are very chic and clean; there aren't many patterns or bright colors which make it easy to shop if you're looking for something basic. Also, where would we be without some lonely lingerie in our lives
shoes // there's a small but satisfying variety of shoes in 47 lounge; the classic birks, new balance sneakers, finery boots, and sandals
Makeup // of course lounge has you covered in this department. Smashbox cosmetics is always a good idea.
Candles + Perfumes // in this post i've focused on two of my favorite picks / neom + petit / neom is "dedicated to creating products that are 100% organic." their candles help with soothing and relaxing the mind and body. petit fracas is a scent with a story, created by robert piguet in the mid 1900's, read more about him here
bed // of course lounge wouldn't be lounge without bedding. my personal favorite pillow right now is Kowtow's white checkered cushion (pictured above)
 get the full affect of what lounge has to offer by visiting us in the shop!

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